Digital Marketing -the show stealer

Posted on 2020-06-15 06:48:55am

Enterprises has been showcasing a rapid and profound interest in the gimmicks of digital marketing these days.Specially in todays scenario where copious webinars and online classes flood the social media , the terminologies involved with digital marketing and SEO are mushrooming every where. One must have wondered why every realm of business ,be it science,medicine,engineering,sales construction ,anybody and everybody speaks the same gibberish. The fact is this is no more gibberish but the language of the current age where communication and transporatation are all in a stand still and humans rely on their finger tips and mobile phones to talk to their next door kith and kin. There is no other best age where digital solutions can make its way silently through the huzzle buzzle of corona and pandemic and emerge out to be the best business of the time.

Digital marketing is nothing but connecting the selective groups of people from the outer world with your enterprise through the digital means that are in the interest of the selected groups.

This is a cyclic loop of processes wherein the feedback from the analytics of the operation carried out is corrected in the next step.

Wings of digital marketing

Digital marketing has its main wings as social media marketing,email and sms marketing,search engine optimisation,analytics.These methods are far more effective than the usual mass media marketing methiods that we are already used to because these help us reach the targeted customers in a way which they favour and also help us reach them individually ,understan what they really expect from us as a customer and also to build an emotional conncet between the customer and the enterprise

Future of digital marketing

More than describing the future of digital marketing it would rather be more realistic to say that "the future is digital marketing".With the pandemic having swept the mud below our feet,online and digital services are the best thriving means to meet our requirements and the getting aquainted with the digital solutions is the path to being an updated and succesful entrepreneur.